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Below you will find an instructional video on how to best prepare for your wildlife encounter. Please take the time to watch this carefully, as it covers everything you need to know before, during and after your wildlife incursion. You'll also find some information below our video, including links to forms and tasks we ask that you complete before your session. 

If you have any questions, please contact our team via phone or email, and we'll be happy to help.

Take a look at our team in action

Learn everything you need to know in preparation for you interactive, educational wildlife incursion from Wildlife Gone Walkabout.
Having trouble viewing our video? Take a look below for further details on how to prepare.

BEfore your session

Before your wildlife incursion, there are three key tasks we need you to complete before your booking:

Risk Assessment Form - We provide a risk assessment form as part of our wildlife encounters. This covers all of the measures that our demonstrators take to ensure your safety when working with animals. We ask that you review and complete this form 7 days prior to your booking - the form can be accessed here

Terms and Conditions - This covers all of the finer details for your wildlife experience including cancellation, further documentation and more   

'We're Coming' PosterAs part of your incursion, we provide a FREE poster which can be printed off and stuck on your classroom wall or notice board. It provides areas to fill in details for your encounter including the date, time and location. 


Click the image to download our 'We're Coming!' poster to build excitement before the big day! 

Our team will have on hand their Victorian Wildlife Demonstrators Licence, Working With Children Check and Certificate of Currency, which you can request to see at anytime.  

on the day

Here's how your incursion will run on the day of your booking:


  • Arrive 15-20 minutes before start time, and sign in at the office. 

  • Introduce ourselves and take a look at the presentation space to ensure it is large enough. 

  • Move vehicle to correct parking location, or to drop off area to unload all equipment and wildlife. 

  • Set-up the room (without children or students in space) taking approximately 10 minutes.

  • Begin presentation lasting for 1hr including 5 minute Q&A.

  • Pack-up the room (without children or students in space) taking approximately 10 minutes.

  • Move vehicle to drop off area to load all equipment and wildlife in vehicle.

  • Sign out at the office, say good-bye and head back to the zoo. 

Preparing the Room

We recommend a room size of 5m x 5m, however the larger the room, the better. Multi-purpose rooms, halls or gymnasiums are ideal spaces to work in, and provide excellent vehicle access for our demonstrators. 

We ask that the room is cleared of all furniture prior to our arrival as we require the most space possible for the incursion. 

During set-up and pack-up, which usually takes approximately 15 minutes, we ask that there are no children or students in the room, as our demonstrators will be moving in and out of the space with some heavy items.

invoicE &

Along with your booking email, you will receive an invoice.
We ask that payment is made on the day of your booking, preferably via bank transfer (see invoice for details). 
We suggest forwarding your invoice to accounts as soon as possible, which will ensure a timely payment. 
If you require a purchase order to be visible on your invoice, please let out team know as soon as possible. 
Any issue regarding your invoice should we be directed to Adrian via email (



We will sent you an booking reminder email, 7 days prior to your booking, as well as a final confirmation email 1 day prior to your session. We will also give you a call 24-48hrs prior to your session to finalise all of the details for your booking. 

We will also answer any final questions you have before you booking. 

See Terms and Conditions for full payment and booking details.

Parking & vehicle access

We require a reserved parking spot for our vehicle and we ask that this is a close to the room as possible. Staff parking, or loading access areas are great spots. 

If you're unable to provide parking close to the space, we recommend providing a drop-off area close to the room so our demonstrators can unload their equipment and wildlife close to the space. Remember we bring some big reptiles to our shows, so the closer our vehicle is to the room, the better. 



For all educational institutions including kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, we include teaching resources as part of our incursions. These worksheets, games, puzzles and activities are designed to consolidate the learning and information in our sessions. Each activity is aligned with the Victorian Curriculum F-10, and EYLF to help facilitate learning intentions, and success criteria being covered in class. 

Access to these resources will be provided to the booking contact via email, and will correspond with the package and year level of the students. 

still have questions?

 give us a call and we'll answer them.

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