Choose from our selection of packages to ensure you get the most out of your educational incursion. Each package is specifically crafted highlight the amazing qualities of our native fauna. Your students will see all our wildlife right in front of their eyes with these packages.

Embark upon a journey from the canopy to the undergrowth, and discover the four cornerstones of Australian fauna: amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals. Discover how different types of animals flourish in a variety of environments.

Gain an understanding of how the vast differences in the reptile family, from their slender shapes, to their protective armour, and how these traits help reptiles to be one of the most dominant classes in the sizzling Australian climate.

Dive into the distinct and fascinating wildlife on Victoria’s own doorstep! Discover how Victorian species not only survive, but thrive in some of the coldest winters and hottest summer across Australia.


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