To make certain that your media experience is both safe and entertaining, we require the following:

  • Provide a safe venue with a space that is approximately 5m x 5m out of harsh weather conditions including wind, rain, cold and heat

  • Provide parking at the venue

  • All domestic pets to be secured throughout presentation

  • No eating throughout the presentation

  • Permission granted from local councils for the use of public spaces

  • All participants to wash their hands before and after the presentation 


Co-owner Adrian Black and Jack Sheppard talking wildlife conservation to the Midland Express Newspaper
Midland Express Newspaper
Wildlife Gone Walkabout's owners Adrian Black and Jack Sheppard with Steve Backshall from BBC's Deadly 60 and two time olympic rowing champion Helen Glover

"You're a pair of massive legends! Let's do it again next year! Good luck with your business"

Steve Backshall
World renowned naturalist and TV presenter 
Deadly 60 Down Under 2018

media, film and television

Are you interested in exploring the possibility of bringing nature into your film, television series or radio show? Or, do you want to bring some excitement into your commercials, magazines or newspaper? We provide personalised and thrilling presentations for a range of media types including film, television, radio, commercials, newspapers, magazines and more! 


We work closely with your team to create your dream wildlife story by providing all the relevant ecological and conservation information alongside our beautiful variety of Australian animals. Our wildlife are well suited to life in front of the camera, behind the microphone and in large scale stage show events.

We are extremely flexibly and can adapt to a range of different situations, and can work with you on finding suitable locations for filming both indoors or outdoors. 

Take a look our general pricing for for all media packages below.


All Media

Contact us for a more detailed quote. All prices exclude GST.

See Terms and Conditions for details.  

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