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Australian Reptiles is the perfect package for birthday parties, early learning centres and schools and the encounter is both incredible interactive, and rich with information. We can tailor this package to suit Victorian Curriculum F-10 Biology topics plus topics outside.


Topics which suit this package include:

  • Ecology and classification

  • Sustainability and conservation

  • Adaptations

  • Evolution by natural selection


This session aims to demystify the myths and fears of the reptile class and highlight their magnificent adaptations and qualities.

Our selection of turtles, lizards, snakes and crocodiles provides your students with a range of examples of how these scaly creatures cover every habitat and environment in the country.

Four legs or none, everyone will by inspired by the beautiful nature of Australia’s reptiles.


Our Australian Reptiles package includes ten native animals that everyone has the opportunity to touch and hold. Some of the species that you might see in this package include:


Murray River Turtle, Eastern Long-necked Turtle, Saw Shell Turtle


Shingleback Lizard, Blue Tongue Lizard, Bearded Dragon, Frill Necked Lizard, Lace Monitor, Rough Knob-tailed Gecko, Water Dragon


Black Headed Python, Olive Python, Coastal Carpet Python, Darwin Carpet Python, Diamond Python, Murray Darling Python


Freshwater Crocodile, Saltwater Crocodile


Look alive! The sun’s out and so are the reptiles. Students will gain an understanding of how the vast differences in the reptile family, from their slender shapes, to their protective armour, and how these traits help reptiles to be one of the most dominant classes in the sizzling Australian climate.

Reptiles or ‘reptilia’ are one of the most iconic classes of living things of the planet. Australia is home to over 860 species of reptiles ranging from lizards and turtles to snakes and crocodiles. Our abundance of reptiles is so rich compared to other continents around the globe, with North America for example only having 280 species of reptile.

Suitable for the following encOunters

Interactive educational incursions for primary and secondary schools across Victoria

We bring wildlife to you with our interactive educational incursions. Developed to integrate the Early Years Learning Framework, Victorian Curriculum F-10 and VCE Study Design.

Interactive wildlife birthday parties for children across Victoria

Make your child's next birthday party one to remember with an interactive wildlife birthday party! See them meet and learn about the amazing wildlife that Australia has on offer.  

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