Located in the beautiful countryside of the Macedon Ranges, Wildlife Gone Walkabout is a mobile zoo home to over 60 native Australian animals from insects and amphibians to reptiles, birds and mammals. 
We provide interactive, educational wildlife encounters to educational institutions, large scale festivals and stage performances across Victoria with the focus of wildlife ecology and conservation.


We are strong believers that education is a driving force in wildlife conservation, and our wildlife encounters can inspire people to understand the importance of all living species. Preserving one of the richest ecosystems in the entire world means understanding how our unique wildlife thrive in the beautiful and often harsh conditions of Australia.

Through education we can preserve the fabric of the Australian ecosystem and maintain the rich and diverse landscape that we live in. It’s important that we provide an experience that is both educational and inspirational.

If we can teach people about

wildlife, they will be touched. 

Because humans want to save

things  that they love.

- Steve Irwin 


Owner and Wildlife Presenter

Adrian is one of the passionate owners and wildlife presenters of Wildlife Gone Walkabout.

From a young age Adrian has had a love of all things living. Growing up in the beautiful countryside of the Macedon Ranges, he was surrounded by wildlife from a young age. Reaching the end of his secondary schooling, Adrian knew that his love for animals would only grow. After completing a Bachelor of Performing Arts at Monash University, he volunteered at a number of wildlife park and has been inspired by many mobile zoos that operate across Victoria.
Combining his love of public speaking and performance Adrian knew that starting a mobile zoo would allow him to pass on his knowledge of wildlife to inspire people of all ages.


It's Adrian’s passion to bring wildlife to children across Victoria, especially to those who are disconnected from nature due to their location. Adrian knows that experiencing Australia's unique wildlife first hand will see our future generations understand the importance of wildlife conservation. 

Owner and Wildlife Presenter

Jack is one of the dedicated owners and wildlife presenters of Wildlife Gone Walkabout.

Jack has had a passion for wildlife and conservation his entire life, with that passion growing stronger every day. Jack cared for his first pet, a bearded dragon named Rex, when he was only nine years old. Jack knew the moment that he set foot outside, that when he grew up he would be working with animals, and has always dreamed of becoming a zookeeper. He has had experience working with several captive animal businesses in the past, including wildlife parks, private zoos and mobile zoos, and is continuing his work through Wildlife Gone Walkabout.

Jack has owned and cared for many different species of animals throughout his life and is now using his knowledge to share his passion to protect and conserve the amazing wildlife that inhabits Australia with people all over Victoria. Understanding the importance of our native fauna will strengthen our understanding of why we need to protect those who need it most. 

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